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(NOTE:This is copied from my Deviantart Bio. This is hand coded though because when I simply just copy-and-pasted my bio's HTML code into Neocities, it ruined the style, font, etc and I couldn't fix it. I am trying okay! ALSO CREDIT TO THE ARTISTS OF THE ICONS,STAMPS, ETC SHOWN)

Hello! My name is Tokiko but you might've known me as Mimi in the past. I still go by the name, but I mostly prefer newer people to call me Tokiko. I go by any pronouns, and I am a digital and traditional artist. I love what I do and I hope to be able to make money off of what I'm doing!

Things to know

- I really love Touhou! I don't know a lot, but I am still learning about the lore, memes, and its fanbase. I hope that some of you fans will be able to accept me into the fandom!

- I get confused VERY easily sometimes. I am very nervous when talking to people (especially if it's a first time) so please try to be nice. Tone tags are helpful!

- I don't post that often! I do however check my notifications a lot so don't worry that I won't read your PMs and comments!

- Please do not be weird around me. I don't care what kind of account you are, I will not hesitate to block you.

My Interests!

- If I haven't made it obvious already, I LOVE Touhou. (My name "Tokiko" is literally taken from a Touhou character NAMED Tokiko)

- Vocaloid/Utauloid (I LOVE all vocaloid voicebanks/characters. However, my favorite UTAUs are Kasane Teto, Yokune Ruko, and Defoko

- Black Butler.

Here are some stamps for fun! Maybe they can help u better understand me and what I like LOL